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July 26, 2016


Sonakshi Sinha, who started shooting for her new film Noor on Tuesday offers her take on journalism.

She's woken up late with a hangover, but Sonakshi Sinha still looks as pretty as a picture in a pair of shorts and a casual tee as she faces the camera for the first shot of her new film, Noor, based on Pakistani journalist-writer Saba Imtiaz's 2014 novel, Karachi You Are Killing Me. It follows 20-year-old Pakistani journalist-writer Ayesha Khan's misadventures and love life as she navigates her way through the volatile world of Karachi and has been described as "Bridget Jones's Diary meets The Diary of a Social Butterfly" by its author. Directed by ad filmmaker Sunhil Sippy, the comic-crime thriller will be shot in one schedule and is expected to wrap up by August. 

After getting the okay on the first shot, the 28-year-old actress recalls that her dad, actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha, has been giving interviews since she was born. "In the early days I was more interested in sports than acting but since we were mostly home when journalists came over, the family would be drawn into his interviews every now and then, even though we would wonder what we were doing there. Still it was good practise," she smiles, lounging in her vanity van in a red bathrobe as she waits to go into the shower for the next shot. 

Mom Poonam Sinha has dropped by to wish her daughter on the first day of her new film and Sona is all smiles as she points out that her reel life profession is just a backdrop for who she is on screen. "Basically it's the journey of a girl who just happens to be a journalist. It's about the ups and downs in Noor's relationships with friends, family and coworkers that every girl will be able to relate to. It's a nice novel but since our film is based in Mumbai and not Karachi, it's more about a single girl in the city. There are no bomb sites, ours is a fun film," she asserts, returning to her beautifully appointed screen bedroom at RK Studio. Co-producer Shikhaa Sharma who's on the sets reveals that they hunted for houses all over SoBo but couldn't find a suitable one. "So then we built this set," she says with a sweep of her hand. 

Shot over, it's back to news for the Golden Girl. She's unimpressed with some of the headlines in newspapers saying they are beyond her comprehension. 

"Some people are in this profession just for the heck of it. It's like a temporary fix! You find such specimens in every profession. Today's headlines are tomorrow's garbage! So it's better to move on and that's all that matters." she rants, adding that her screen avatar is not one such journo and often questions what her boss wants her to write. "She wonders if it's ethical and is constantly battling with herself over whether she should do so, why and for whom." 

Quiz her on the most annoying story she's read about herself recently and she says it's the link-up stories. "That's one of the occupational hazards we face. On occasions it gets awkward which is why people should be more responsible about what they write and not mess up the equation we have with other," she signs off heading towards the washroom for the next shot. Joining Sona in the movie is funnyman Kanan Gill as Saad Sehgal, an integral part of Noor's life who is her best friend and most vocal critic. 

There's also Shibani Dandekar as Zara Patel, Noor's friend and confidant. Purab Kohli's Ayan Banerjee is a seasoned photo journalist who's travelled the world. He is a cynic, albeit a charming and witty one.


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